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TPI 709R Kit Combustion Analyser

Our Price: £310.00
The 709 is a cost effective CO/CO2 ratio and CO analyser for residential and light industrial applications.

The 709R features menu driven software which can supply reports both on screen and via the optional infra-red linked printer. Functions include: flue gas analysis, differential temperature, differential pressure and room CO safety testing.
1. Combustion Analysis
  • Check net/goss efficiency
  • Adjust CO, CO2 & ratio values
  • Check CO2 & O2 values on appliance
2. Differential Pressure
  • Adjust gas/air mixture
  • Test air pressure switch
  • Use for tightness testing
3. Differential Temperature
  • Flow & return adjustments
  • Balance Radiators
  • Check Thermostat & water temperatures
  • 4. CO Detection
Highlights CO spillage
Indicates areas of high CO production

709R Kit comes complete with:
  • 709R Flue Gas Analyser
  • Protective pouch
  • Gas sample probe
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Three years limited warranty (3 years for O2 and CO censors)
For further information please call the TPI Helpline: 01293 530196