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The LeakMate - Emergency Short-Term Leak Repair

Our Price: £14.99
The LeakMate - Emergency Short-Term Leak Repair

The Leak Mate Tool is inexpensive, quick and easy to apply and is fully re-usable. When using the Leak Mate Tool it is possible to fit it without physically touching the pipe, this is extremely useful if working on hot water pipes or if there is an electrical charge running down the pipe for any reason. No other tools are required in order to fit the Leak Mate tool to the leaking pipe or fitting. You don’t have to turn the water off or drain the system down to fit a Leak Mate Tool.

The Leak Mate Difference-Split and Hold Pipes - The Leak Mate is an invaluable tool for any plumber. As soon as a leaking pipe is identified the reusable tool is attached and the leak stopped, fits 10, 15 & 22mm pipe. Copper, plastic, & lead, tested up to 10 bar - giving you plenty of time to fix the problem.

New Installations - After a new installation when the water is being switched back on, you need to be ready to pounce on any leaks before damage is done to the customer's property. With a Leak Mate or two in your pocket - any leaks that do appear can be stopped in seconds.

Late night callouts - On a late night callout the Leak Mate is invaluable. No mess, no fuss, no noise - just turn up, attach, and back home to bed with a follow-up visit booked for the next day!