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Kidde KF20 Firex 4973 Optical Mains Smoke Alarm 9V Alkaline Battery

Our Price: £19.00

KF20 Firex hard-wired optical smoke alarm is supplied 9V alkaline battery back-up, with a full 6-year warranty. Which has just got even better with 70% reduced energy consumption, alarm memory which identifies the source unit within an interconnecting network of up to 23 other Firex alarms. They now have a combined test / hush button. This mains-powered unit complies with UK Building Regulations for new housing and associated standards (Grade D BS 5839, Part 6). It is BSi Kite marked to reinforce the consistent quality provided by the world’s largest manufacturer to ensure peace of mind. 

An optical smoke alarm is for use in escape and circulation routes and in areas where there is danger of ignition of furniture and surroundings by cigarettes. They are best suited for use in areas where slow, smouldering fires such as PVC cabling, foam filled furniture or bedding material is more likely.

They are less prone to nuisance alarms than Ionisation alarms which are affected by cooking particles and steam near kitchens.

Features and Benefits

  • Single combined ‘Hush’ and ‘Test’ button
  • Reduced Energy Consumption - lower lifetime running costs
  • Alarm Memory - Identifies source unit within interconnecting network
  • Auto Reset after activation 
  • 9 Volt Alkaline Battery (522/6LR61) supplied with the unit
  • Power-on Indicator Continuous Green LED
  • Push fit/snap in grip type of connector with 150mm long flying leads (supplied)
  • This alarm is Interconnect able up to a maximum of 23 units
  • Tamper-resistant locking device - prevents unauthorised removal without the use of a tool
  • Supplied with base-plate
  • Optical alarms are recommended for Escape Routes in BS Code of Practice eg: Halls and Stairwells