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Kidde KF10LL Firex Ionisation Mains Smoke Alarm 9V Lithium

Our Price: £14.95

Kidde Firex KF10LL is a hard-wired ionisation smoke alarm with 9V Lithium battery back-up, with a full 6-year guarantee. Which has just got even better with 70% Reduced Energy Consumption, alarm memory which identifies the source unit within an interconnecting network of up to 23 other Firex alarms. They now have a combined test / hush button. This mains-powered unit complies with UK Building Regulations for new housing and associated standards (Grade D BS 5839, Part 6). It is BSi Kite marked to reinforce the consistent quality provided by the world’s largest manufacturer to ensure peace of mind. 

Ionisation alarms are for use in areas where there is danger from fast-flaming fires.

Features and Benefits

  • Single combined ‘Hush’ and ‘Test’ button
  • 70% Reduced Energy Consumption - lower lifetime running costs
  • Alarm Memory - Identifies source unit within interconnecting network
  • Auto Reset after activation 
  • 9 Volt Lithium Battery PB6LR61 supplied with the unit
  • Power-on Indicator Continuous Green LED
  • Push fit/snap in grip type of connector with 150mm long flying leads (supplied)
  • This alarm is Interconnect able up to a maximum of 23 units
  • Tamper-resistant locking device - prevents unauthorised removal without the use of a tool
  • Supplied with base-plate
Technical Information
  • Sensor is Ionisation, circular metallic chamber with 24 slot entry inlet portals
  • BSi Kite marked to BS EN 14604: 2005
  • Source Americium 241 (≤1.0 microcurie, 37kBq)
  • Button Test Simulates the effect of smoke within the sensing chamber, checks electronics and sounder
  • Automatic Self-Test Circuitry is tested and unit single beeps and the unit 'chirps' if a fault is detected
  • Supply Voltage 230V AC, 50Hz (nominal UK Voltage)
  • Power Consumption 15mA
  • Connection is a push fit/snap in grip type of connector with 150mm long flying leads which are supplied with the unit
  • Battery back-up