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Emergency Alarm Horn

Our Price: £13.38
Portable Emergency Air Horn

Use this hand-held air horn as a temporary fire alarm or for hazard warning in emergencies and building evacuations. The emergency horn is an inexpensive method of alerting people in the vicinity of danger. The horn delivers a high pitch sound that is audible at distances of up to 1500m away. 

New patented technology on the market as an alternative to traditional aerosol propellants such as HFC's uses carbon dioxide. This propellant is: Non-flammable, Non-toxic, Environmentally benign, Eliminates the risk of Volatile Substance Abuse, No reduction of indoor air quality (IAQ) and conforms to the 2015 EU regulations.
  • suitable for use during fire drills and evacuations
  • no need for batteries or mains electricity
  • hand held air horn is a compact and portable device
  • ideal for building sites, schools, conference centres, offices etc
  • non-flammable propellant: activated carbon/carbon dioxide
  • environmentally friendly; contains no CFC or HFC GWP (Global Warming potential) of 1
  • ideal for use on building sites and as a temporary measure during alarm installation
  • to operate, simply press down on the plastic trumpet - to stop, release trumpet
  • multiple uses: fire safety, boat safety, fog warning, evacuations, temporary alarm, golf courses or other emergencies
  • air horn refills and air horn storage box available