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Chemical Resistant Suit with hood to EN465:1995

Our Price: £57.95
Chemical Resistant Suit with Hood

Spray Protection agaist Liquid Chemicals EN465:1995 Type 4. A green boilersuit with hood, elasticated wrists and ankles. The suit is made from a hard-wearing polyester that is plasticized on both sides with a PVC coating. This chemical resistant suit conforms to EN465:1995 (Type 4 - Spray Tight Coating).

Chemical Resistant Suit with Hood Features
  • seams are high frequency welded offering complete protection
  • complies to EN465 Type 4 spray tight connections
  • size L 
Note: Before use the wearer should check that none of the seams show any tearing and that all fasteners function correctly. A boilersuit should be donned by first fitting the legs. When the suit is comfortable around the lower part of the body the arms should then be fitted, once these are comfortable the zip should be done up and the spray flaps fastened. Finally the hood should be fitted. The suit must be completely fitted before entering the hazard area.