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Calmag Inline Magnetic Scale Reducer Inhibitor 15mm Compression SI-CALMAG

Our Price: £14.49

CalMag can be fitted onto the hot or cold water lines. It comes with compression fittings as standard and does not require earth bonding. Once the unit has been installed you can sit back and relax as it will continue to work day and night without the need for regular maintenance.

Scale Cost Money - The build up of scale on heating surfaces can increase fuel costs substantially. The scale barrier is a poor conductor of heat so reduces the efficiency of heat transfer - costing valuable energy and money.

Scale increases Time & Effort - Build up of scale on shower heads, tiled surfaces, taps. basins etc. is difficult to remove - and also unsightl


Economical to operate
Water remains potable
No maintenance
Easy to install
Competitive initial cost
Stops hard scale forming
No chemicals used

After Installation you should notice the following effects…

1. Any hard limescale that has formed around taps, sinks etc, will begin to soften with regular contact with treated water. This will make it much easier to clean.

2. Shower heads will be become descaled over time. Initially, showerheads may become blocked with loose limescale debris (often the case with electric showers). To solve this, simply remove the shower head and rinse out the debris.

3. After several months your hot water system will gradually become more efficient. Eventually you should be able to lower the water temperature and make considerable savings over the year.

Length inc compression fittings is 163mm